Celt Duk

Celt is a fine artist inspired by real and envisioned landscapes, working with different mediums for each of their unique advantages in one piece. She uses this technique to create detailed works that draw the viewer into many characteristics of the scene, from the vast landscapes to the objects and life she may hide within them.

If asked about her training, she will say “Absolutely none”. Careful observation of the subject is the key to her successful autodidactic method method. Growing up, she was greatly inspired by the works of Robert Bateman, Ul de Rico and Boris Vallejo.

From a young age, it was clear that she possessed an exceptional understanding of light, color and movement. She is instinctively able to decide which media to use and how. In her teens she experimented with many mediums, including spray painting and airbrushing, creating many beautiful works that caught the attention of the public.

At the age of fifteen, Celt began to paint hyper realism. She started to immerse herself in a close observation of the world, focusing on the science of color and lighting. According to her, “In realism, all the details are present”, and this particular conceptualization served as a fundamental guide in her process of creation. She maintains that while she is still developing this skill, she enjoys realism as it gives her a deeper understanding of the natural world and keeps her true to her observations.

After graduating from high school, she continued to pursue art as a full-time career. To this day, she has sold many originals and completed numerous commissions.

Listed Artworks