Charlotte Boiral

An artist, a traveler, a diver, and a practitioner of magical things, Luna inspires herself by the many facets of what exactly it means to be alive. She has travelled to 33 countries, submerging herself into the culture of every place she sets foot, learning languages, participating in different spiritual practices, and experiencing the world from as many doors of perception as humanly possible.

Her mission as an artist shifts and changes as she does, as she grows, and as the people and places she surrounds herself with leave imprints on her way of perceiving the world.

Luna Charlotte is well known for her attention to detail and the dream-like realms she creates with paint. Her love for the ocean and it’s inhabitants could not be made more obvious through her work.

Luna was raised in Canada, born to French parents. She felt a calling towards the world of art from a very young age – 5 to be exact – and pursued it despite the challenging road it proved to be.

When she took a leap of faith and began her full time career as an artist, she lived in her car, living penny to penny and jumping on every occasion to live paint and showcase her work – even if it meant spending every penny to her name to get there. Luna always believed if she followed where her art took her, she would always be exactly where she was meant to be.

Listed Artworks