Louise Giroux

I want my paintings to express an emotion or a moment using lines, shapes and color. I capture moments of my life through keepsakes, heirlooms, travels or elements from regional history such as the unwritten but essential (and often forgotten) role played by women.  It’s this emotional resonance that I draw upon in my work. I am a woman and a painter and my work has always been about how I feel being in that space. 

I begin with charcoal or oil on canvas, I make marks; erasing, beginning again, until I am satisfied with the forms, lines and negative spaces. Once the composition is complete, I choose the colors that best reflect the mood I want to convey.  

My life experiences, passions and interests manifest in my artwork. My work is figurative, that is why it is very interesting for me to use traditional mediums and techniques while working on my subject matter.

Listed Artworks