Manuela Moldovan

Romanian-born Manuela Moldovan moved with her family to Canada not long after the Berlin wall came down. She is a self-taught artist and enjoys challenges, loving to discover. Educated and practicing as a pharmacist contributed to her genuine creativity which has grown over time. Manuela started painting with oil colors on stretched canvas using a brush, and palette knife under the influence of traditional local artists. Over the years, she was captured by the depth and complexity of mixed media and fell in love with the texture, volume, dimensions, the overall visual effect. Her artworks have been accepted in juried exhibitions organized by the Canadian Society of Artists, Color and Form Society, Markham Group of Artists, The Marketer magazine, Art Gallery Ring, Art of Emotions, Oakville Artworks. She is a member of the Markham Group of Artists, Artworks Oakville, and an associate member of the Canadian Society of Artists. During her artistic years, she got influenced by the Romanian painters, her art teachers in school, local Canadian artists, and Vincent van Gogh, Matisse, and Klimt’s stunning work.

Listed Artworks