Alannah Tassone

My name is Alannah Tassone and I am a painter living in Toronto, Canada. I started experimenting with resin, and acrylics in 2015, amongst other materials and my practice has evolved since into a wide variety of mixed media. I am excited by colour and the way colour is defined in so many ways. I take an intuitive approach to colour and composition, allowing these two concepts to be at the forefront of the structure in which I create. I typically work with acrylic or oil on canvas, allowing spaces for other mediums such as oil pastel, if need be. Both the practice and my understanding of what I am creating is evolving. I consider myself a neoexpressionist, but also creating in a contemporary realm as well. I consider it my purpose to make art, to create context and conversation in my work. While much of my work surrounds an expressionistic style, exploring the evolution of colour, direction and intention, I am fascinated by the human figure and the way it is interpreted by a variety of individuals. By incorporating the study of human figure into my expressionism, I believe that there is something entirely new to be discovered.

Listed Artworks