Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings

Alexandrea Nicholas-Jennings won the Gold Medal at The Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery(2019). She received the Bronze Medal from The Society of Canadian Artists at The Paper Mill Gallery in Toronto(2019). She was a Finalist in the 13th International ARC Salon Competition(2017), and was a double finalist in December 2017 in the Portrait Society of America Members Only Competition. Her drawing was published in “Strokes of Genius 8” and a half-page advertisement in Southwest Art Magazine. She has exhibited in countless shows at the Richeson Gallery and has won an Award of Merit there. She has appeared in American Artist Magazine(2012) and her self-portrait is featured on the package cover for Nitram Charcoal Batons. Speaking professionally is a passion of hers and she gave a lecture entitled “From Academic to Imaginative Realism” at The Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery(2020). Her work was accepted by The Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. Most recently, she was featured on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website and BB Art Prize 2021 website. Alexandrea shows and sells her work internationally. She is a classically trained artist and has studied and trained at ateliers both in NYC and Toronto. Her passion is producing her “Alex in Wonderland” series – an autobiographical account of plunging down the rabbit hole and painting her way out one chapter at a time based on the Lewis Carroll novel.

Listed Artworks