Angela Julian

Angela is a Canadian Artist, based out of Toronto. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art & Design. She has gone on to participate in a number of group shows and solo exhibitions in Toronto since graduating. Angela is a multi-disciplinary artist, she specialized in drawing and painting while in university, but she has branched out into other mediums of sculpture and installation. She was born in Canada and is proud to contribute her work to the institutions and cultural fabric that make up a wonderful and diverse country. With her use of traditional mediums, she renders images from observation and with an illustrative approach. She creates highly detailed imagery that is distinctly stylized. Her drawings focus mainly on portraiture and anatomy, and the many ways the human face and body fit into more complex systems. Her inspiration comes from a wide array of subjects including historical paintings, nature, architecture, and graphically charged work. Her sculptures and installations are combined from multiple mediums in order to produce heavily treated surfaces of art. She makes wall-works that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture.

Listed Artworks