Bonnie Sheckter

Bonnie Sheckter is an award-winning Canadian artist who has been working in colored pencil for the last 20 years. She began drawing on Drafting Film in 2015 and was enthralled with its capability for capturing delicate detail and achieving smooth, lush, luminous color. Plagued by the loss of vision in one of her eyes two years ago, Bonnie re-examined her priorities and has since devoted herself full time to drawing, remaining undeterred in her conviction of the life-giving power of art to uplift. Her artistic interest lies in isolating candid and complex moments, which invite the viewer to engage with the subject and contemplate their stories. In a world that pushes toward efficiency, she sees the value in slowing down, marveling at details and taking time to consider the inner lives of people. She often uses juxtaposition – the sublime and the mundane, the tactile and internal- to find the place where an image becomes resonant. Bonnie’s drawings, commissioned work and listing of shows and awards can be seen on her website at  She is also on Facebook, Instagram, and Sharpened Artist (Podcast 294 -Interview with John Middick).

Listed Artworks