Danielle Beaulieu

Danielle Beaulieu began experimenting with watercolours about nine years ago and is a self-taught visual artist. Her technique consists of several thin layers of transparent paint, each gently modulating the colours below. Some of her paintings can take a couple of weeks in the making.

Since her retirement, she dedicates about 8 hours per day to her art. 

Recently, a common theme of her watercolours has been antiques items and the surface of water. Antiques hold mysterious knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed through her paintings. These common items are often overlooked by many people. She enjoys giving renewed life to antiques.

You can find her art works at Da Artisti Gallery in Ottawa, ON and Herringbone Gallery in Nova Scotia. She has won awards from Canadian and International organizations and has exhibited in Canada and the United States.

She is the author of two blogs. The first is for watercolorists while the second aims to share the trials and tribulations of his personal journey with watercolour. She is also a regular instructor with Da Artisti Gallery in Ottawa.  Since the pandemic, she transitioned to online classes and has students from various provinces in Canada and the United States.

Listed Artworks