Danielle Hudon

Born in Saguenay in 1966, Danielle Hudon is a self-taught visual artist who, at a very young age, demonstrated a real facility in reproducing the paper sculptures of Claude Lafortune. However, despite her obvious artistic abilities and the kind words of her teachers, she decided to direct her college studies towards the sciences. It was around the age of fifty, however, that art became a necessary therapy, an expression of emotions that were too heavy to bear. It is in a dark context of violence and physical ailments that have become torturous that this creative flame is rekindled through drawing and watercolor. The need to slow down her pace of life may clash with her urgency to live, but nothing prevents her from reaching recovery; barely a year later, she participates in a group exhibition as a living force. Since then, as a motivated self-taught artist, always in search of her own style, of what will finally make her stand out, she creates every day while experimenting with various mediums. Her thirst to learn and to improve herself necessarily led her to enroll in drawing and painting techniques courses while her will to succeed and to find her place in the art world led her to follow career development courses.

Listed Artworks