Milda Titford

My work always touched those who saw it, as it’s always been rooted in human condition-common to all.

If you recognize familiar landscape in my work-you have been there too. If you see something of yourself in it-remember you are in it. There is nothing “out of bounds” for you in my work-I do tend to paint your inner landscape and inner characters. We are all way less individual than what we perceive ourselves to be, hence your world is my world too.

I have drawn, sculpted and painted all my life. After I completed BA (Hons) in Fine arts with a 1st class degree and commendation, I have extensively painted and exhibited in UK (Pump house in Cheltenham, Guildhall Arts Center-Gloucester, Pump house, Mafuji, Arcola and Century and other galleries in London).

In my late 20’s I arrived at a point of “stuck”. Blank canvas seemed like nothing I should be improving on and for following years, although still painting, I engaged in something equally creative and interactive: my own restaurant. Through culinary arts I have partially satisfied my artistic cravings for a while. I have been running successful little business after immigrating to Canada as well as continuing with my artwork. 5-6 years ago the “stuck” point have melted away. Painting intensified with Covid. It certainly is fertile ground if one knows what to look for.

Listed Artworks