Sandra Goodridge

Art befriended me as a child and I would spend hours drawing and coloring whatever I could get my hands on, especially my black and white story books. My favourite was Heidi by Johanna Spyri as I was also a voracious reader. I loved to draw horses and flowers.

Art stepped into deeper focus in my high school years and became the subject I excelled at and felt most passionate about.

But reality often grounds you and leaving school to step into a thirty long year sojourn in banking to only play hide and seek with my art as I casually dabbled and played in various art mediums.

After decades of playing around in other fields it finally dawned on me that Art was my best friend as it was always there to warmly greet me even after years of neglect. No matter how long I stayed a way when I returned abilities surfaced in surprising ways and filled me with hope and encouragement.

Finally, I can embrace my true friend and recognize the healing qualities of artistic expression to the point of pursuing training in Expressive Art Therapy. I share my love of art with many others and continue to develop myself as a professional artist and sharer of creative expression.

Listed Artworks